executive presence coach, trainer and speaker




Jean and I worked together for 5 months on her soon-to-be published first books – Jean wrote, and I edited. It was a really fun project, because she is so much fun to work with – she is responsive, detail-oriented, and full of energy. Because the books focus on Jean’s expertise – finding success in the workplace by developing people skills – I got to see the depth and breadth of her knowledge firsthand. I have this to say: Jean really knows her stuff.”

Copywriter and Editor Extraordinaire

Jean and I worked together at Girls In Technology. Jean trained our proteges for the Virginia and Maryland Mentoring Program. Jean demonstrated to the girls executive leadership skills to replicate as they develop their maturity in high school, college and as they enter the workforce. Jean is personable but firm in ensuring the proteges learned the importance of manners, etiquette and professionalism. She is an exemplary leader for the girls to emulate.”

Mary Ann Glueckert
Doncaster Wardrobe Stylist; Girls In Technology, Vice Chair, Women in Technology

Having worked with Jean for over 9 years on 25 to 30 programs each with an audience of 30 to 40 participants, I heartily endorse her. She is a wonderful teacher of executive presence, Human Resources topics, and professionalism. Her audiences always appreciate the solid practical content of her presentations. When we started the Beltway Job Search Partners in 2009, Jean was selected as the first expert due to her dependable high quality presentations. It got our organization off to the right start. Over the last 3 years, I have come to expect that every 6 weeks or so, someone will mention to me that Jean’s advice really impacted their career in a highly positive manner.”

Robert Brandau
President | Increasing Revenue, Inc

Jean is a trusted advisor and someone that I have recommended and worked with on a frequent basis. Jean is extremely knowledgeable in the Professional Training & Coaching arena. As a fellow business owner and consultant, I have known Jean to provide quality work to individuals and organizations alike.”

Scott Miles
President | Operations at Miles LeHane Companies, Inc.

Jean was a tremendous asset when I was in a major career transition. Her ability to reframe issues and guide me to looking at both my challenges and my goals in a new way has been life changing. Her coaching was intsrumental in my gaining the clarity and the courage to make transitions and to reach my goals. Jean is able to relate her experience as a human resource professional, she knows the ‘game’ and had a well structured, yet tailored plan to help me find and articulate my strengths and reach my goals.”

Steve Perkins
North America Sales

I have known Jean for over five years, and my first impression became my lasting impression – she is a ‘consummate professional’ in every sense of that phrase. If you are seeking someone who can hone your ‘executive presence’ – your thinking, actions, beliefs and appearance, Jean should be your “go to” advisor.”

Myron Radio
President | The R Group

As a Millennium generation professional Jean O’Brien has coached me on Executive Presence for the past two years. Jean taught me skills to successfully and confidently build relationships with professionals of all ages and levels of success. She taught me how to network, coached me how to best communicate my strengths during interviews and understand the process for on-boarding with a new position. I know the skills Jean provided have already made a strong impact on my career and will benefit me as I grow and develop my career goals over the next forty years.”

Skye Tilson
Account Executive at Tennesse Titans