executive presence coach, trainer and speaker


PROGRAM MODULES Become an Executive Presence Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Jean O’Brien has turned a career in human resources into an exciting adventure, owning her own company and facing the challenges and accomplishments that come with being your own boss.

As an Executive Presence coach, trainer and speaker she has the endless privilege of meeting and working with a great variety of people from a vast range of organizations, as she customizes programs to meet the unique needs of different generations, cultures and personalities. The opportunities are endless; valuable program content coupled with boundless energy and an organized marketing plan make being an Executive Presence coach, trainer and speaker rewarding and exciting.

More companies are realizing the importance of Executive Presence for their employees, to enable them to advance their careers and be the best representatives of the organization. Consider applying your strong and confident interpersonal skills to a new, exciting and challenging career. Learn the abilities needed to present programs to individuals, teams and corporations.

Who can benefit from this Program?

  • Business professionals who have a strong commitment to the importance of excellent people skills for career advancement.
  • Entrepreneurs seeking an exciting career field to start their own business applying the use of strong marketing and networking.
  • Professionals who want to enhance and add Executive Presence skills to their existing area of expertise.

What results does this Program produce?

  • Confident as a new business owner.
  • Come away with the ability to begin marketing your program.
  • You will be fully trained to present several exciting programs.
  • Realize you have completed an opportunity to experience your goal.

Program Modules


  • Possess a well-honed executive presence.
  • Clearly understand your own strengths and be intuitive about others.
  • Enjoy strong interactions and one-of-a-kind challenges.


  • Learn principles for communicating with all levels of business professionals.
  • Be aware of the messages your body language can project to others.
  • Ideally be certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment.


  • Speak with Jean to learn more details.
  • Participate in an intense four-day training session presented by Jean O’Brien in the Washington, DC area.
  • Detailed interactive training for the entire Executive Presence Program.
  • Thoroughly understand all essential key values, learn program content and nuances for delivery.
  • Intense individual interactive training of presentation skills for presenting program materials.
  • Specialized skills presented by additional professionals.