executive presence coach, trainer and speaker



Be it a large or small group, your colleagues will all benefit from Jean’s customized Executive Presence presentations. Enjoy an informative, active, engaging and energizing focus on the professional people skills that are so important for career advancement.

Jean creates value by presenting a common experience through which participants will learn useful tools and tips for the workplace environment. Jean introduces new concepts in her Advance with Executive Presence talks, for all levels of professionals. She includes examples drawn from her many years of experience, to which everyone can relate, presenting ways to improve your Executive Presence skills, for dramatic positive impact.

Presentation Topics

  • Making Positive First Impressions within Seconds
  • Building Your Professional Executive Presence Brand
  • The Power of Your Voice and Vocabulary, Both In Person and Virtually
  • How to Really Work a Room: Executive Presence for Successful Networking
  • Does Everyone Understand Your Uniqueness? How to Communicate Your Strengths
  • Communicate Clearly and Effectively One-On-One and in Groups, to all Generations and Cultures
  • Meetings: You Are Being Watched; Sit in the Right Seat and Act Engaging – Be Your Executive Presence Best
  • How To Impressively Take A Client To Lunch
  • It Takes Knowing Your and Other’s Strengths to Grow Win-Win Relationships
  • How To Be An Excellent Speaker, Conversationalist And Listener
  • Interview To Get The Offer
  • Your On-Target, On-Boarding Experience
  • Executive Presence For The Young
  • What Is Your Body Language Saying About You?
  • Make Office Politics A Positive Experience
  • Dress And Groom For Your Next Position