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PROGRAM MODULES Executive Presence Program Overview

The Executive Presence Program provides individuals, teams and organizations with core advantages that will enable them to improve business civility, performance and productivity.

Jean O’Brien believes in advancing your career with Executive Presence, ensuring your successful people skills are present and visible in your everyday interactions. The question is: “Are you prepared to be your Executive Presence best?”

Executive Presence, as defined by Jean, is: “The confident ability to consistently engage and listen to others by being at ease presenting your strengths, polished appearance, coherent verbal and nonverbal communication skills, and an excellent social presence.”

Who can benefit from the Executive Presence Program?

  • Established business executives interested in continued career growth.
  • Managers moving into more visible positions.
  • Emerging leaders.
  • Leaders of leaders.
  • Every business professional.

What results does the Executive Summary Program produce?

  • Individuals with Executive Presence can accelerate their careers thanks to their ability to develop long-term business relationships with peers and clients, as well as to readily establish new business contacts.
  • Teams with Executive Presence can enhance business performance and productivity within groups comprised of different generations, cultures and diverse personalities.
  • Organizations often look to professionals who have Executive Presence to advance within the organization and represent them publicly.

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