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Calander Feb 8, 2013

Dancing with the Stars Body Language


Your excellent body language speaks volumes about your Executive Presence.

Watching this video is totally pure, state of the art Body Language.  Every movement, gesture and expression is perfectly presented.  The end result is complete enjoyment and entertainment for us.  The superb dancing of Rita Hayworth, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly will forever be a wonder to behold cleverly connected by Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees.

Unfortunately, we may not be dancing in the hallways of our office buildings or down the streets of Washington DC or other cities. However, our body language is communicating with the same powerful results. While Rita, Fred and Gene mastered their moves with thousands of hours of hard work, you, your friends and coworkers also can master the art of body language, how you are perceived, what may be revealed about you and the messages you project to others.

First and essential is correct and continuous excellent posture. Notice their chins are level with the floor, not looking down at their feet or up in the air. Their facial expressions convey happiness, love, friendship, caring and connecting.  In our everyday business lives, our facial expressions express the same plus looking serious, questioning, disbelieving and at times sadness.  We always want to express confidence and competency.

Look at our dancer’s arms, hands, fingers, shoulders and torso.  All parts are smoothly moving together to present a cohesive message. Gestures are sweeping or subtle, always matching their partners in a give and take manner.  Shoulders are moving up, back, side to side.  Arms and hands are open and inviting, not crossing their bodies as being unapproachable, just the opposite.

And those legs and feet, almost impossible to see every quick, deliberate, mastered movement! They are flowing, jumping, strutting, swaying, moving rapidly or very slowly to intensify their feelings to you, the audience.  Our feet and legs truly tell us how a person is connecting. How fast or slow we walk together, the energy involved or not involved, whether feet are pointed to others or in another direction saying, “I’m really ready to move away”.

Their clothing, hair and overall appearance give a presence that is polished and beautiful. They are in excellent physical condition, moving effortlessly and naturally. Our clothing and appearance requires ongoing attention, staying in good shape and wearing clothes that fit correctly.

Like the video, we experience movements that are delicate in meaning, intense or difficult to understand. Learning body language is a process, an ongoing experience well worth our time to study and perfect.  Body language expresses confidence, communicates moods, motives and establishes trust. Showing how to recognize and decode what other people are saying without a single word.

Watch the video a few times, look from head to toe, focus on the different movements, gestures, expressions and the overall messages. We can follow their lead as we dance the dance of Body Language.

Jean O’Brien advances careers with excellent body language and Executive Presence.


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