executive presence coach, trainer and speaker


core purpose and values


Jean O’Brien values civility and enjoys helping people to make the fullest use of their unique gifts.

She has a passion for people and strives to teach both individuals and groups how to not just walk into a room, do a job or complete an unfulfilling career – but to walk into that room with learned Executive Presence skills that will enable them to realize their potential and advance in their personal as well as professional lives.

To realize her purpose as a catalyst for change, Jean has created and offers Executive Presence programs built on the fundamental elements of “Knowledge, Confidence and Power.” These programs are uniquely designed to prepare individuals, teams and organizations to gain advantages from every business situation and interaction.

Through her unique combination of executive experience, leadership energy and human resources expertise, Jean effectively coaches individuals, teams and organizations in the art and science of Executive Presence. Jean’s work also expands to public speaking on a variety of topics related to Executive Presence.


Understand the situation.

Determine necessary actions.


Apply the proper skills.

Perform actions with certainty.


Command respect.

Motivate others by your actions.