executive presence coach, trainer and speaker


Jean’s Approach


Jean’s Executive Presence approach involves 10 steps that take individuals and companies through a focused process to achieve the required results.

Executive Presence Steps for Individuals

  • Schedule a no-cost consultation to establish a connection.
  • Communicate to establish expected outcome from the coaching experience.
  • Present a customized proposal detailing previous discussions, clarifying goals, timeframe, pricing and location.
  • Complete an online Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment to obtain in-depth personality information.
  • Ensure that the structure remains flexible, to accommodate changing actions.
  • Meet as scheduled to present well-established content designed for fast-paced interactions.
  • Establish a system to ensure behaviors are sustained.
  • Remain open for phone and email communication between coaching sessions.
  • Evaluate upon completion of coaching.
  • Add or include other areas of focus as needed.

Executive Presence Steps for Teams and Organizations

  • Schedule a no cost consultation to establish and develop a bond with company representatives.
  • Communicate as needed to establish company’s needs and expectations.
  • Establish appropriate employees to attend and number of participants.
  • With client, establish sustainable actions for accountability from each participant.
  • Present a customized proposal detailing previous discussions, clarifying goals and end results.
  • Develop customized materials for participants.
  • Adjustments or added details may be incorporated up to the starting date.
  • Present program content clearly leading to company’s goals and successfully integrate into the corporate structure.
  • Communicate with client during program when appropriate.
  • Present evaluations and discuss feedback.